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With new dental technologies constantly being developed, it has become easy for patients to get their treatment done in a single visit. Endodontic treatment has always required patients for multiple visits but now the paradigm has changed and. It is currently possible to complete the root canal therapy in one visit. But with new technology comes the new controversy.

Endodontists argue that all root canal therapies should be performed in one visit while others do not even consider it even in the cases where vital pulp therapy is needed. Recent studies have revealed statistically undeniable differences in survival rate, postoperative pain or flare-ups, and long-term prognosis between multiple and single-visit Endodontics.

It totally depends on the Endodontist to apply single or multiple visit treatment in their practice. It attempts instrumentation, disinfection, and obturation of your root canal in one visit. With new technology, treatment methods and instruments it’s no longer an unachievable task. Multiple clinical types of research have shown favorable results with single visit protocols and it is now considered as an acceptable alternative for many. However, no evidence-based result has been shown to support these results.

In terms of postoperative pain as well as secondary infection, single-visit root canal therapy is safe for many research and clinical reports. In both inflamed and necrotic teeth, this therapy is considered safe, and even teeth with periapical pathosis. In making decisions about whether or not it can be finished in one visit, a strong knowledge of the basic Endodontic principles is essential. There is no significant difference in the effectiveness of single-visit and multiple-visit root canal treatment. There is also a similar incidence of postoperative discomfort/pain, although patients undergoing single visit therapy might experience a higher frequency of swelling. Long-term success with radiographic assessment is similar to both the groups as well.

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